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2025 SUMMIT 

Shape the Future of Carbon Capture: Innovate, Collaborate, Transform

The Carbon Capture MENA 2025 Summit is uniquely positioned to leverage the MENA region's leadership in energy innovation. As global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions intensify, CCUS stands out as a crucial technology for a sustainable future. The summit will highlight MENA’s cutting-edge projects and technological advancements, providing a platform for strategic discussions and partnerships. Participants will explore the latest trends, regulatory frameworks, and investment opportunities that are shaping the CCUS landscape, aiming to forge a path towards a low-carbon future.


Program Highlight

Day 1 Morning
Policy, Regulation, and Market Dynamics

  • High-level insights from government and industry leaders on CCUS’s pivotal role in achieving MENA’s net-zero goals.

  • In-depth discussions on the regulatory landscape and emerging market opportunities.

  • Analysis of current market trends and potential international collaborations to drive CCUS initiatives forward.

Day 1 Afternoon
Industry Decarbonization and Technology Showcase

  • Strategies to scale up CCUS development in hard-to-abate industries.

  • Exploration of cutting-edge technologies and their applications, from capture to storage and utilization.

  • Case studies on successful CCUS technology implementations and their impact on industry emissions reduction.

Day 2 Morning
Expanding CCUS Pipeline with Infrastructure & Investment

  • Detailed presentations on successful CCUS projects within the MENA across infrastructure level

  • Examination of business plans and strategies to secure funding from both public and private sectors to support CCUS expansion.


  • Discussions on the role of international partnerships and collaborations in enhancing CCUS infrastructure and driving regional growth.

Day 2 Afternoon
Carbon Trades and the Net Zero Economy

  • Insight into the role of carbon credits in making CCUS projects financially viable. Discussion on market mechanisms and economic impact.

  • Exploring pathways to integrate CCUS into a circular carbon economy, fostering sustainability and economic growth.

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